My Services


You worked hard to create your beautiful quilt-top, now let me quilt it for you so you can enjoy and snuggle under it.
Quilting Costs: 
  • Most computerized Edge-to-Edge quilting is 2 cents per square inch
  • Some computerized Edge-to-Edge quilting is 3 cents per square inch if you reduce the design size to under 9"
  • Computerized custom quilting is 4 cents per square inch
  • Custom quilting is 8 cents per square inch (I only accept 4 custom quilt jobs per year and I have all the custom quilts for 2022).


Make an appointment and lets plan your quilting design.

For example, 45" x 45" = 2025 x .02 = $40.50, however, my minimum charge is $35.00 for all quilt tops.


You are welcome to bring your own but I can sell you the following types of batting for:

  • $12.50 per yard for Kyoto Bamboo Blend 50/50 Bamboo Cotton Blend

  • $15.50 per yard for Quilter's Dream Wool

  • $15.50 Hobbs Cotton

Binding (by machine only):
  • $50 King size
  • $40 Queen & Double size
  • $30 Twin & throw size
  • $20 Baby size
  • $15-20 Prepare binding (cut, sew & iron)

I sew the binding to the back and machine stich it from the front.  The corners are mitered. 

All binding fabric should be cut 2.5 inches and should be pressed in half and rolled.

How to calculate binding needed for your project.

  • Measure all 4 sides of quilt top and add 10".

  • Take that number and divide it by the width of your fabric. Usually 40-42". 

  • This will give you the total number of strips you will need.

  • Rotary cut enough  2.5" strips for your binding length.

  • If using flannel, cut strips 3" wide due to thickness.

Thread (no charge):
  • Superior Threads Sew Fine! 50 wt

I use the same thread on the top and bottom.

If you like Aurifil thread you will need supply the cone or several spools.

I do not use invisible thread.